Building/Playing Guitars


I'm on one of those 'got to play everyday' things that happen every couple of years. It's one of those things where all I want to do is play and if I'm not playing I'm thinking about playing. I don't really know where the impetus comes from; what prompts this obsessive behavior but it just feels good to do it. I'm enjoying the guitar I just finished (a couple of pics on the Photos page). I'm also enjoying several other guitars so it's not just 'newness' driving my euphoria...though I have added a new Bugera amp for gigging. But that's more about wanting to preserve my favorite amp (a '63 Vibroverb that I've had almost since new) that is just too valuable to drag around and get beat up or worse yet, stolen!

The gigs have slowed a bit recently after a busy April - only a couple in May. That's a little sad given that I'm on a playing roll. Oh well. I'd like some more electric gigs really. I always enjoy playing acoustic with Jay Dubbya immensely (and it's his birthday today by the way!!) but I feel like I'm ready for a whole new level on electric with larger ensembles. Actually kind of thinking of doing my own thing and/or pushing myself out there for fill-in work. But I'm also a bit hesitant for fear of too little time. April was a taste of Busy, having to be somewhere musical 3-4 nights in a row. That gets hectic - I need to be retired from a daily routine to maintain that kind of schedule. It's a difficult balance otherwise.

At any rate, I need to go play some.


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