I'm an Austin-based musician. That's a bit redundant - kind of like saying 'I live in Nashville and play guitar'; there's some unnecessary words there. The phrase goes 'Austin is the live music capital of the world'. I don't know how factual that is but it's only place I've ever been where you'll find a trio set up in the corner of a Shell gas station playing all original music for tips and the chance of being discovered. I guess the thinking is A&R guys buy gas too. The upside of all this musical activity is the number of venues available. The downside is the number of musicians here willing to play anywhere for anything at any time. We take the good with the bad because the good is a lot better than the bad for those of us that need a regular musical fix.

I'm a lifelong musician. I focus on guitar though I play other instruments too. I studied classical guitar at the University of Wisconsin and Jazz at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Oddly enough, I've not played either of these genres much professionally. I'm okay with that. I've toured and recorded all over the place with all manner of folks doing every style of popular music. I'm a musical 'Ho' that way; I'll play anything, anytime, anywhere...oh...wait...

But what I really love to play most is music I don't know. I love the musical unknown. I don't care the genre', if it's electric, acoustic, nylon strings or steel - you don't need to tell me the chords before we start. I don't want a chart or sheet music to follow. Surprise me. I want to make it up as we go, try to catch some magic. I want to drive a winding road at night without headlights because I find it exhilarating. You're going to have to trust me. I'm a professional, don't try this at home. 

I really like playing with singer/songwriters. These folks are generally focused on mainly getting their songs across; it's more about the melody and the lyrics than the musical arrangement; the frills and hooks. This leaves the accompanist free to roam and explore. I view my part of this as making the songwriter sound/look good. I'm an accessory. I'm the necklace, not the dress. If I do my part right, the songwriter looks brilliant; a complete musical package. That's fulfillment for me.