New People, New Tunes


Just an update or two....

Lately I've been playing with some new folks in addition to my regular thing with Jay Webber ( ) and Dan Harris. I started playing with a project of Robert Earl Dubose III, a very talented tenor man, called Apex Explosion featuring Starchild. Robert and I worked together a few years back on a movie score, hence the connection. Starchild is Karen Aris, an exceptional young voice. The music is a blend of Pop, Jazz, Funk, R&B....etc - mostly original compositions. The cast of characters changes frequently with a few mainstays such as myself, Robert, Starchild, Dan Terry (keyboards and sounds), "Ice" on drums, and Cass Pierce on guitar. Bass, piano, and backup vocals are fluid positions. Challenging music and interesting characters make this a lot of fun.

I also began playing recently with an all-female blues group called 'Blue Gardenia'. Some old school covers, some original compositions...a nice mix of tasty tunes and these folks are a blast to play I get to wear pearls and pumps in public! How great is that?! The lead singer, Timeca Seretti, is the driving force behind this project and is a close personal friend. When Timeca asked me to fill in for a recent date, I told her I'd be happy to be a 'doo-wop' boy for her. They asked me to hang around after that. I guess they needed some eye candy.....The rest of the characters are: Becky Austen (bass), Robert King Jr (backing vocals), Abbe Waldeman (guitars, harp, mandolin), Sybil Watson (drums), and Robyn Wright (keys). I'm looking forward to doing more dates with these folks soon.

The Jay Webber Group continues to do it's thing. We finally closed out Sundancer Grill after nearly three years at that venue. We've picked up 827 Rays in Lakeway as a part of our monthly rotation - an exceptional restaurant with, believe it or not, superb acoustics. Redfin Seafood Kitchen has opened their music season recently and it looks like that will again be a regular spot for us - one of the better outdoor venues. Winery music season is starting back up also and West Cave Cellars and El Gaucho Winery have put us on the schedule - more great outdoor gigs on weekend afternoons; always great food, wine, and crowds.

See you soon.

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